Full reconstruction of Dunmoe Castle

Dunmoe Castle fully reconstructed in 3D

As a small side project a full reconstruction of the partly destroyed Dunmoe Castle located near the River Boyne. The castle was build for the D’Arcy family in the mid-15th century and marked the wester edge of The Pale. According to the Civil Survey (1654-6) Thomas Darcy owned the entire parish and on the premises […]

2016 Msc Thesis Devonian Kyle Limestone

Assessing the petroleum potential of Devonian Carbonates in the Mid North Sea area. Koos de Jong, Bastiaan Jaarsma, John Reijmer, Marten Ter Borgh. 1 Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 2 EBN B.V., Daalsesingel 1, 3511 SV Utrecht, the Netherlands The development and distribution of Middle to Upper Devonian carbonates in […]

2014 Msc Project Sobrarbe Delta

Synthetic seismic profile of lateral variation in the Sobrarbe delta (Pyrenees, northern Spain) Koos de Jong, John Reijmer  

2013 Bsc Thesis Las Negras

A 3-D outcrop model of a Miocene carbonate platform; new insights in platform build-up, SE-Spain   During the Messinian several carbonate platforms were formed. The study area encompasses a carbonate platform deposited on a Neogene volcanic basement in the Cabo de Gata area near the town of Las Negras. Multiple studies have been conducted in […]